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SeloDerm® Rescue Spray

To protect the skin

The skin is a very sensitive organ than can react in a number of ways to various internal and external influences. Psychological (e.g. stress, sleep deficits) and/or physical stress (e.g. permanent mechanical stress) can also have an influence on the skin’s metabolism. Environmental factors such as dry indoor air, sunburn or insect bites can also result in skin irritations. What all of these itching, red and irritated skin manifestations have in common is an increased occurrence of so-called free radicals and peroxides. These are intermediate products of our metabolism that act as a kind of “biological spark” and disrupt our metabolic balance. In biology, these phases are referred to as “oxidative stress”.

SeloDerm® Resuce Spray contributes to protect cells from oxidative stress

> in irritated skin
Excessive UV radiation, dry air during the heating period, as well as psychological stress can cause an increase in irritating radicals and peroxides. Biologically activated selenium in PHYTO-PANMOL®-DEFLAMINE contributes to protect irritated skin cells from oxidative stress. Additionally, Aloe vera extract soothes the irritated skin areas.
> after insect bites or stings
Insect bites and stings also provoke an increased release of free radicals and peroxides. The trace element selenium in its biologically activated form also contributes to protect the skin cells from oxidative stress after insect bites and stings.
> in mouth and tongue sores
Mouth and tongue sores (so-called aphthous ulcers) also show an increased release of free radicals and peroxides at the cellular level. These reactive compounds are considered to be electron catchers and cause itchiness and burning of the tongue and oral mucosa. Skin-friendly aloe vera polysaccharides and biologically activated selenium contribute to protect the mucosa cells in mouth and tongue from oxidative stress.
SeloDerm® Rescue Spray contains PHYTO-PANMOL®-DEFLAMINE, a patented formula for biologically activated selenium. In biology, this trace element in its activated form is considered to be an electron donor and radical catcher. It contributes to protect the skin and mucosa cells from oxidative stress.
SeloDerm® Rescue Spray
Nutrient content per daily dose
Substances in 100 g per puff
Aloe Vera 152.8 g 200.0 mg
Selenium 13.1 mg 17.2 mcg
Recommended administration
External administration:
Spray one puff onto the affected skin areas 5 to 7 times daily as required.
Internal administration:
Spray one puff into the mouth or onto the tongue 5 to 7 times daily as required.
Do not spray into the eyes! If solution comes into contact with the eyes, rinse them thoroughly with water!

Austrian product quality.

Package size: 50 ml

Price:  € 19,90